Business Development Services

, Business Development Services, Anchor Training Courses & Consulting Services

Whether you are an individual, start up entrepreneur, SME or MNC, we can tailor make our business development services to your needs. We understand the challenges you face. Our analytical and entrepreneurial mindsets help you to solve your toughest business problems. A start up entrepreneur may have the engineering or IT skills but do not have any business skills may find it difficult to get customers, enter new markets. SME & MNC may face challenges in growth plans, your sales, business development staff may need some training to perform better.  You like to grow internationally but do not know how. Anchor is here to train and guide you. We provide a wide range of services:

  • Business Advisory
  • Business Development, Business Management Training.
  • Business unit level management driving growth, process improvement or turnaround
  • Building new business, with operative responsibility
  • International Business Development
  •  Country/territory analysis and prioritization
  • Channel management, on boarding and recruitment
  • Sales processes and workflows enhancement
  • Marketing and events
  • Alliances
  • Tender management and complex deal support
  • Outsource Business Development Services in Singapore, Asia Pacific, Europe, US

Our Differentiators

  • Long-term partnership for continuous growth
  • Open collaboration and knowledge sharing

Our Clients

We serve our customers companies of all sizes.

, Business Development Services, Anchor Training Courses & Consulting Services

Large enterprises

We work with large enterprises in strategy, M&A, new markets, turnarounds and major transformations, both on corporate and business unit level.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

We work side by side with SMEs in kick-starting new business areas and markets, accelerating top-line growth and developing processes.

Family businesses

We work with family owned businesses globally on strategy, market expansion, succession planning and HR development.

Fast growing tech companies

We help tech companies with business development, sales & marketing while you focus on developing your technology.

Start Ups

We help start ups with business development, sales & marketing.

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